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The Sturgeon Falls Lumberjacks Junior A Hockey Club recruits talented players who have the potential to play at the college level and beyond.  Many of these players have traveled great distances to play for the Lumberjacks and need families who would be willing to share their homes and provide for them a home away from home.

A billet family does so much more than provide shelter for these athletes; in fact, the bond created with the billet family will often carry on for years after the player has left the team.  Having a billet family allows these boys, ages 16-21, to complete high school, attend college or university or hold part time jobs while pursuing their dreams.  In turn players can prove to be great role models for the children in the billet home and in the community by pursuing their dreams through hard work and determination.


The host family is asked to provide the player with a room of his own.  He will need a bed with linens, dresser, closet space and a desk for studying. In addition, the billet family needs to provide the player with meals.  If the player is not home for the evening meal then the billet family is asked to grant him access to the kitchen to prepare a meal for himself.

The player must adhere to all team rules and to the house rules of the billet family.  He must respect all family members.  The player will be responsible for his own personal care items, electronics, and transportation to and from the arena, school and work.

A player will stay with the billet family for the duration of the hockey season.  Some may need to stay to complete the school year.  Many players travel home on weekends when the schedule permits and will go home for major holidays.

The billet family will receive a monthly payment for each player to be paid in full by the player.

If you are interested in helping an athlete pursue his dream and are willing to open your home to a player please contact me directly.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed!

Lui Ricci 
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